Teaching and Spiritual Healing

“It is not only the body that is prone to illness, so the spirit must also receive treatment.”
– Quote from Spirit Doctors, Spiritual Cures, page 112

“When a person has earned merit, he/she will find cure in any place and in any religion.”
– Quote from Spirit Doctors, Spiritual Cures, page 111

Teachings and Spiritual Healings We Bring Forth


With the new world energies manifesting in support of Mother Earth’s ascension, the Angels and Ascended Masters are asking for teaching and healing instruction to be available to all people who desire healing and spiritual advancement on their life path.


The Ascended Masters and Healing Spirit Doctors have requested and approved that The New Earth Healing and Teaching Centers provide instruction to assist in the spiritual development of children, youth, young adults and adults.


Many more spiritual centers on Earth will offer open healing group sessions for all. These sessions will be supported by the thousands of spiritual assistants, Spirit Doctors, Angels, Ancestor Guides and Ascended Masters.

The New Earth Centers will provide free entry level spiritual development group teachings and instruction on how to care for the physical and spiritual bodies to which we are entrusted. Teachings will be based on the trilogy: Body, Mind and Spirit. We will need this knowledge to stop the spread of cancer and illness throughout the human race.

Free group classes will be offered on basic meditation, knowledge of the human chakras, auras, cellular bodies and nutritional cellular education. This basic education time of quiet and peacefulness supports each person as they run their healing energies and will be supported by center staff and volunteers.


The centers will also bring forth instruction for advanced spiritual development, and trained teachers and healers to support you, as you journey on your life path. Advanced teachings and spiritual development paid classes may be provided by Ordained Ministers, Swamis and Monks, shamans, mediums, spiritual counselors, healing arts masters and practitioners, Oriental medicine practitioners, acupuncturists, nutritionists and others.


The New Earth Healing and Teaching Centers are a living and self-sufficient spiritual university and will offer volunteer work programs to anyone in need to exchange for paid classes, room and board. This will provide spiritual education for all walks of life and no one will be turned away.


All teachers and healers at The New Earth Centers will have cleared and teach from the Awakened Heart. All will have knowledge of the World Mystery School teachings, meditations and energy clearings, have completed their healing sessions on the Crystal Healing Beds, and are approved by the Angels and Ascended Masters.

All teachings and healings will be based on Unconditional Love and Awakening of the Heart. This is the strongest energy in the human field.

Jesus and the Ascended Masters have been teaching and healing from the highest level of Compassionate Love of the Sacred Heart for 2,000-plus years.

We have always had this God-given energy but have forgotten this during the human struggles to reawaken our spirituality.

The New Earth changes are upon us and have been prophesized by Edgar Cayce, The Native Tribes of the Earth, and the Modern Spiritual leaders. We must awaken our spirituality to survive and live in the New Earth energy changes.

A variety of world class and crystal meditations, yoga and Tai Chi exercise classes will be offered. The centers will all have a New World 4th and 5th Dimensional Alchemy Crystal Bowl Temple for meditation, astral travel, Kundalini, Akashic records and cellular sound healing classes.

Ten unique healing and meditation rooms include water sensory deprivation, whale, dolphin,
crystal, oxygen, and Himalayan salt meditation rooms and the Crystal Healing Beds for healing and clearing the chakras of the spiritual body and healing the physical cellular body.

A wide range of classes for your life path of choice will be brought forward. For there is only one God, but a thousand paths to awaken the heart. Healing, spiritual modalities and classes include studies of the Japanese Emoto study of water energy, as water encompasses approximately two-thirds of our body and holds cellular memory. Clearings will be taught to raise the vibration of water in our bodies.

The Healing and Teaching Centers will teach healing with the pH balance of nutrition, herbs, natural herbal remedies, and essential oils.

Classes will include feng shui, astrology, sacred geometry, and platonic solids …
Fibonacci spiral and golden mean, Leonardo da Vinci, the Egg and Flower of Life.
Activation of the Merkaba and the Awakening of the Toroidal Sacred Space of the Heart.

World Mystery School classes will cover the earth to reopen the libraries of spiritual knowledge and history, from past earth civilizations to the Egyptians and Essenes, Kings David and Solomon, Hindu and Sufi, Buddhism to Christianity, Jesus and the Reawakening of the Sacred Heart…

… as well as studies of Allan Kardec, Francisco Chico Xavier and the modern spiritists.

Allan Kardec

Francisco Chico Xavier

“Nosso Lar,” book written by Dr. André Luiz
(Spirit Healing Doctor of the
Casa de Dom Inacio)
and psychographed by medium
Francisco Chico Xavier.
Image from the movie of the same name.

Mother Earth studies will cross time and space and help us remember our past. Hopi, Mayan and Peru, and will include classes with Earth prayer and drum circles. Classes to educate on the balance of the human energies and the four elements of earth, water, air and fire.

Classes and healing programs vary and encompass several hours to several days to complete.

The New Earth Healing and Teaching Centers will provide a professional and comfortable spiritual environment and invite world teachers and healers to visit.

Get Involved, Share Your Unconditional Love




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Note: The New Earth Healing and Teaching Centers cannot guarantee results from any service that is made available, as all healing is from God and all healing is based on each individual’s unique life path and merit.


“Your work is to discover your world and then with
all your heart
give yourself to it.”

“The medicine of the future will be sound.”
Edgar Cayce

“Go out into the world today and love the people you meet.
Let your presence light new light in the
hearts of people.”
Mother Teresa

“Actions speak louder than words.
Let your words teach and your actions speak.”
Saint Anthony
of Padua

“We should not lecture the youth about spirituality but rather create heartfelt dialogues wherein their questions and criticisms are patiently and lovingly considered.
We should approach them with compassion. Such an approach will create a
change within them.
Above all, we should set examples
that will inspire them.”