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The Modern Era Mystery School has followed the ageless tradition of gathering and study of higher Universal spiritual knowledge. This Knowledge was passed down from higher intelligence of life and is mentioned in many different languages and texts in widely distributed spiritual Books, Ancient Scrolls and in archaeological records.

History reports that the Mystery School of Alexandrea public records were destroyed and seized between 391AD and 642 AD on orders of the Coptic Christian pope Theophilus of Alexandria and again from the Muslim conquest of Egypt. But some or most of these records have found their way to the 7 modern mystery schools, a new library or much has been studied and stored in the Vatican Library in Rome.

It has been passed down by the Teachers of the Mystery Schools that many of the records have always been kept in copies for safekeeping and the Mystery schools studies are combined of the different Earth spiritual cultures from the high Priests and Royal families of Lemuria, Atlantis, Babylon, Egypt, Israel, Native Cultures, Celtic, ect. Several Deeply rooted spiritually intellectual and religious societies, the Masons and mystic religious studies have passed on some of this information which not yet offered openly to the public until the recent Human Awakening preparing us to enter the Bronze Age starting in the year 2012.

Some of this Ancient knowledge and history is now being shared openly on televised programs and the Internet. Many are now remembering and spiritual awakening to a new dawn of living as a Spirit in a Human body here on Earth. The Modern age Mystery School classes taught by Reverend Scott is bringing forth the studies and practices of the ancient and higher dimensional energy of sound and light into the studies of the Golden Age to prepare all who choose a higher spiritual path of the ascended light body. 

All classes include the high frequency 4th and 5th dimensional energies
of the Master Alchemy Crystal Bowls and/or
Sedna Paiste Planet Tuned Harmonic Gong and /or
The Peruvian Whistling vessels

Reverend Scott relates Spiritual Teachings, Energy Channelings and Clearings from the Ancient World Mystery Schools. Awakened Knowledge of Time and Universe gathered and passed down from King Solomon’s Library through Egypt, to Mystic Religious and Native spiritual cultures to the Present shifting energies and Earth Prophesies of Aquarius, revealing everything old is “New Age” again.

The Star of King Solomon and Mystery School Studies 3 Day intensive course is led by Rev Scott Raymond who is assisted in his spiritual practices by over 40 Spiritual Healing Doctors, Spiritual Guides and Angels with permission to teach and channel through the King Solomon Library and Mystery Schools. This amazing 3-day intensive spiritual workshop has the combined teachings and energy of 12 Mystery School classes.

Available Classes:

Star of King Solomon and World Mystery School (Multiple day Class)

Healing Sounds Toning Intensive (1 Day Class)

Channeling Mother Earth and Spirit Guides (Half Day Class)

The Star of King Solomon World Mystery School Sessions are blessed with the high frequency energies of Master Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls and the Sedna Paiste Planet Tuned Harmonic Gong.

"The medicine of the future will be sound."
Edgar Cayce

Location and Registration For The Star of King Solomon Mystery School Intensives, Sessions 1-2-3

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