Star of King Solomon World Mystery School Classes

3,000 Year Old Star of King Solomon
World Mystery School Classes

Guided Energy
Channeling Intensives



All classes include the high frequency 4th and 5th dimensional energies
of the Master Alchemy Crystal Bowls and/or
Sedna Paiste Planet Tuned Harmonic Gong and /or
The Peruvian Whistling vessels

Reverend Scott relates Spiritual Teachings, Energy Channelings and Clearings from the Ancient World Mystery Schools. Awakened Knowledge of Time and Universe gathered and passed down from King Solomon’s Library through Egypt to the Present shifting energies and Earth Prophesies of Aquarius, revealing everything old is “New Age” again.

The Star of King Solomon 2-Day Mystery School intensive course is led by Rev Scott Raymond who is guided by over 40 spiritual Doctors, Guides and Angels with permission to teach and channel through the King Solomon Library and Mystery Schools. This amazing 2-day intensive spiritual workshop has the combined teachings and energy of 12 Mystery School classes.

Star of King Solomon Mystery School (Multiple day Class)

  • History of the Mystery Schools, including printed class handouts
  • Group Energy Clearings and Balancing
  • Guidelines for a Spirit in a Human Body
  • Universal Matter and the Physics of Sound and Light
  • Channeling Energies of Dimensional Light
  • Connecting and Channeling Ascended Master Energies
  • Connecting and Channeling Arch Angel Energies
  • Energy Thread and Cord Cutting, Clearing of past and present lives
  • Crystalline Tube of White Light Energy Body and the Grid Protection and Illumination of Higher Consciousness
  • Universal and Earth Violet Fires and Transformation of Dark Negative Energies
  • Golden God Energies of Transformation and Bliss
  • 3,000 Year Old King Solomon Pink Light Unconditional Love Energy Healing and Channeling with King Solomon, Mother Mary and Arch Angel Michael
  • Merkaba Light Spirit Body Activation
  • Aligning Pineal Rods and Pineal Activation
  • Crystal Healing through the High Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls
  • 12 Layers of the DNA
  • Sedna Planetary Chakra Gong Bath and Astral Travel
  • (Templar) Knights of the Temple of Solomon Invocation
  • Kabalistic Tree of Life
  • Balancing of the Brain and Opening the Kundalini Spiral
  • Astral Travel to Akashic Record Keeper
  • Travel into and Access the Sacred Chamber of the Heart
  • Spiritual Rebirthing into Heart and the Aquarius Era
  • Channeling Light to Visualize and Release Past Life Memories
  • Intentions and Invocation of Word to Prayer and the effects of Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical DNA Body
  • DNA Cellular Body and Spiritual Balance

Additional Class Information:

  • CDs available to Guide your Future Spiritual Path
  • Vegetarian Potluck Lunch
  • Open to All Levels of Spirituality
  • Class Prerequisite to Prepare for the Mystery School Energies: It is suggested that you Meditate along with a CD of Alchemy bowls or of your choosing for a minimum of 15 minutes to 1 Hour for at least 1 to 3 weeks before the Class

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Healing Sounds Toning Intensive (1 Day Class)

  • Group Energy Clearings and Energy Vortex Balancing
  • Vibrations and the Clearing Energies of Sound
  • Breathing and Toning
  • Vibrational Energies of the Chakras and Aura
  • Angel of Sound Initiation
  • Vocal Harmonics
  • Attuning the Chakras through Vibrational Mantras and Vowels
  • Healing the DNA Body Through Toning
  • Group Sound Toning and Visioning
  • Toning and connecting the Spiritual Divine Name
  • Channeling the Divine Name
  • Sedna Planetary Chakra Gong Bath and Astral Travel
  • Includes Printed Hand Outs

Additional Class Information:

  • Vegetarian Potluck Lunch
  • Open to All Levels of Spirituality
  • Class Preparation suggests 5-15 minutes of meditation per day

Channeling Mother Earth and Spirit Guides (Half Day Class)

  • 16 Pedal Meditation and Channeling
  • Master Alchemy Crystal Bowls
  • Astral travel to Visit Mother Earth
  • 7th Chakra Brain and Pineal Activation
  • Peruvian Whistling Vessels
  • Astral travel into Universal Higher Dimensional Energies
  • Sacred Geometry-Golden Means
  • Four States of Matter in Dream State
  • Dream Travel with Sedna Paiste Planetary Gong
  • Sacred Animal Visions, Buffalo and Horse Drum
  • Sacred Indian Pipestone and Tesseract Salt Alchemy Bowls

Additional Class Information:

  • Open to All Levels of Spirituality
  • Class Preparation suggests 5-15 minutes of meditation per day

Additional Information For Classes:

Please bring comfort padding and mats, blankets and pillows to lie on as the more we comfort our body the easier it will be to Dream Travel. A few Zero Gravity Chairs may be reserved for those with physical handicaps and cannot lie on the floor or you may bring your own zero gravity chair.

A Personal 100% Blackout Eye Mask or Mindfold® Meditation Mask is required for the Mystery School and recommended for other classes and is available online or at Class for $15. The Sacred Chamber of the Heart can only be accessed with 100% darkness to release the mind and clearing the 3,000 year old clearing of emotions through colored light vibrational healing.

The Star of King Solomon World Mystery School Sessions are blessed with the high frequency energies of Master Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls and the Sedna Paiste Planet Tuned Harmonic Gong.

"The medicine of the future will be sound."
Edgar Cayce

Location and Registration For The Star of King Solomon Mystery School Intensives, Sessions 1-2-3

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