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Give the gift to yourself and others that continues giving back. Detailed descriptions and ordering information can be found below.

These Sound and Light Healing CDs bring forth the Daily Energies of Unconditional Love, expanded consciousness, dream travel and Bliss Practices of the Earth's higher Spiritual and Universal Energies taught for over 3,000 years. Sit or lay back, set your intensions and enjoy the Sound and Light Healing and guided meditation journey, as they are easy to follow and will advance all levels on higher spiritual pathways. You may liisten to the CDs either on speaker or more intensely with headphones, as many have shared,

" I experenced and felt the Spirit Doctors standing over me", "amazing healing energy", "I listen daily, Many a spiritual journeys, which expanded my soul and life purpose", "I aked to visit by my Son, who is in Spirit and the Angels brought us togeather, Breath taking Heavenly",  "The waves of Bliss and energy are most Wonderful","I enjoy both the CD's but Love the spiritual Dolpin and Whale vision quest", " My life changed for the Positive after teachings with Rev. Scott, Thank You for creating these CD's. L.A. CA.

I received my CD set of Sedna and The Star of King Solomon and like them a lot! They came at the perfect time. I've enjoyed them the last two days. My thanks to Reverend Scott for making them. I have forwarded this to a friend that might be interested as well. Ardmore, OK

I love the CDs. I listen to them with headphones, and the energies feel like I am there in person. Hurst, TX

Thank you for the CDs, they are so powerful. We listen to them daily! Brookfield, IL

Wonderful! I am listening to your CD for the first time. Sedna is playing and getting louder now. This morning is such a blessing. Thank you for everything. This is so wonderful. Chesapeake City, MD

I am blessed with having the CDs, as the energies are supporting my recovery from cancer. I especially benefit from the Chakra Color Meditation, and I can now feel the energies flowing through every cell in my body. Thank you!" Philadelphia, PA


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Sedna – "Companion of the Whales" CD

The Sedna Paiste Planetary Gong, Earth Platonic Year Gong, High Alchemy Master Crystal Bowls and Kundilini Crystal Platnium Pyramid.
The Sedna Gong brings forth the
powerful vibrational and clearing journey guided by the Whales, Dolphins and 
of the Earths Deep Oceans Water clearing energies to assist us in healing and releasing sunconsious present and past deeply buried emotional traumas.

The guided meditations and sound healing energy channelings are powerful and feature the 4th and 5th Dimensional Sounds of the Crystal Tones Master Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls :

Selenite Zeal Point (Clears Etheric Disharmony, Disease and Blocked Energy) and Charcoal (Purifies Phyical, Emotional and Spiitual Toxins) Heart High Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls – to Awaken and Heal the New Crystalline energy body (The Zeal Point chakra is at the back of the head, base of the skull and is our Ascenion Chakra)

The Crystal Platinum Kundalini Pyramid – to assist in opening the 7th chakra, spins the Kundalini, and supports connecting to your Higher Consciousnes spiritual self for a powerful, yet gentle, sound healing experience

The amazing Paiste Planet Tuned Harmonic Gong Bath of Sedna and Earth Platonic Year:

Sedna opens and relases deeply stored past and present energy between the 3rd (personal power) and 4th (our Loving as piritual Heart) chakras and brings forth the powerful vibrational and clearing energy of the Deep Oceans, Whales and Dolphins to help us heal and release past life emotions and present life buried traumas.(For our Bodies and Earth are approx.70% water, the Element of Emotions.)

Earth Platonic Year gong opens energy to the Crown and 7th chakra to assist in creating bliss, cheerfulness, clarity of spirit, and opening the connection from our subconscus to our higher cosciousess and creation and cosmic unity on the highest levels of the Universe.

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The Star of King Solomon DNA Color Channeling CD

The 3,000 year old guided meditations of sound and light healing energy channelings from King Solomon's Library are spiritualy empowering and feature CD tracs of the 4th and 5th Dimensional Sounds of 22 High Alchemy Master Crystal Singing Bowls with guidance and with the Universal Crystal singing energy of Bowls only and to Clear, Awaken, Dream Travel and Heal the New Crystalline and DNA energy body.

Spiritual Knowldge of Creation and Ascension passed down from Source through the King Solomons Libraries to these modern Day spiritual teachings.  As we raise our vibrations from sound though the vibrations of colored light up the 4th and into the 5th dimensional vibrations of Unconditional Love, we are  open to reciieve the 6th and 7th Higher Universial Knowledge of Source into Ascension

4th and 5th Dimensional Master Alchemy Crystal Bowls on these CD's are made of Ruby, Amethyst, Kyanite, Citrine, Platinum, Titanium, Iron, Cobalt, Selenite, Emerald, Rhodochrosite, Diamond, White Alchemy Gold, Silver, Turquoise, Carnelian, Celestite, Phenacite, Azeztulite, Iridium, Blessed Yagna Ashes, Charcoal, Vanadium, Lepidolite, Mt. Shasta Serpentine, and Sunstone. These High Alchemys are mixed with the expansive energy of pure crystal quartz to create a healing and clearing experience assisting us from our Counscious to Sub Consciousnes into Higher Consciousness like none other on Earth.

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CD Set: Sedna, "Companion of the Whales" CD;

And The Star of King Solomon DNA Color Channeling CD

Experience and enjoy all of these amazing channelings, healing energies, and guided meditations with this CD Set, including the Sedna, "Companion of the Whales" CD and The Star of King Solomon DNA Color Channeling CD.

The CD Set is an energetic gift for your Spiritual Self, Family and Friends for the Spiritual Season and Creating the New Earth Energy for the New Year. Enjoy all the channelings and guided meditations with the 4th and 5th dimensional sound healing energies of the Paiste Planetary Gongs and 22 High Alchemy Crystal Sing Bowls, to Clear, Awaken and Heal the New Crystalline energy body.

Blessings to You, and to your Families and Friends.

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About the Energy Channelings and Guided Meditation Healings

Many Angels, Healing Spirits
and Orbs are present during
Meditation Sessions.
Reverend Scott is a Medium, Clairvoyant, Empath, Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl Master, Spiritual Counselor and Teacher of The New Earth Healing and Teaching Centers. He travels in service teaching the 3,000 year old Star of Solomon Mystery School energy healings that have never been documented to fail.


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CD Illustrations

"Sedna Dreams"

"Sacred Teachings"


Illustrations of "Sedna Dreams" and "Sacred Teachings"
By Brigidina
As an artist, facilitator, writer, meditational guide, and energy healing practitioner, Brigidina channels personalized HeARTistry during individual and group energy sessions. Brigidina creates custom artwork for canvas, prints, digital graphics, websites, logos, CD covers, murals, book Illustrations, and the Sacred Spiral Wall Medallions project. She facilitates play shops on living from essence and designs sacred healing spaces in homes and businesses focusing on the vibration of color, sustainability, and positive energy flow. Brigidina happily creates for consciously evolving groups, businesses, circles, families, tribes, communities, and organizations.


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These CDs contain powerful channeling and healing energies of the
Spirit Healing Doctors, Guides and Angels.

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