Guided Meditation, Sound Healing and Awakened Dream Travel Session Available on CD

Many Angels, Healing Spirits and Orbs are present during sessions.

CD's Featuring the 4th and 5th Dimensional Sounds of 15 Master Alchemy Crystal Tones Singing Bowls, plus the amazing Paiste Planet Tuned Harmonic Gong Sedna and the Harmonic Planet Gong Earth Platonic Year with The Kundalini Crystal Platnium Pyramid.

Join us to experience amazing tones and
spirit guided sound healings with
Bowl Master Reverend Scott Raymond

Many attending have reported their beautiful spiritual experiences, including the cessation of back and leg pain. Another, after clearing their heart, rejoiced, "I have never felt my heart this way before!" One saw the dark clouds parting and Angels of Light and Love coming to them from the Heavens. Another shared, "This was absolutely amazing. It is the first time I have felt energy like this." Another regained feeling and movement after 7 years of paralysis in their right arm and hand. "The first time I experienced the Sedna gong, its sound energies blasted emotional debris from my physical body and all the way out of my etheric field, and this was visible to me. It was an important clearing for my life path."


The Master Alchemy Crystal Bowls on CD


Master Alchemy
Crystal Bowls

4th and 5th Dimensional Master Alchemy Crystal Bowls to Clear, Awaken and Heal the New Crystalline energy body. The Master Alchemy Crystal Bowls are made of the purest 99.993% Quartz, in a one of a kind heat and pressure infused bond of Quartz with precious Earth Crystals, Minerals, and High Alchemy Metals.



Paiste Symphonic Planetary Gongs on CD


Each Paiste Symphonic Planet Gong is masterfully and precisely hammer forged by hand by 1 of 5 gong masters in Switzerland and is tuned to a harmonic frequency, which is the scientifically-validated energetic frequency of each planet or celestial body.

Paiste Gongs are unique in that, rather than being made of B20 (tin-bronze) castings, like Chinese and most other Gongs, they are made from flat discs of NS12, or nickel-silver (nickel bronze), giving them a distinct sound with a wide fourth dimensional vibrational frequency range of amazing harmonic tones and crashing highs.

Paiste Symphonic Gongs are used by the majority of Earth's Symphonies for their advanced harmonic frequencies.

Paiste Harmonic Gong Sedna
128.1 Hz

The Sedna Planetary gong opens and clears energy to the area between the physical and spiritual bodies (the 3rd and 4th chakras) and is named after the Inuit (Eskimo) Goddess of the Sea and the companion of the whales. This vibration accentuates the healing sounds and energies of the Dolphins and Whale song, Earth's waters and the deep ocean's powerful clearing energies of past-life emotions. This amazing Spiritual Healing Journey brings awareness to and releases buried present life dramas and traumas.

The Earth Platonic Year Planetary gong is tuned to 172.06 Hz and this is the frequency of the 7th Chakra or the Pineal Gland, our connection to the Universal Energy of Creation and Source through higher Dimension. The Platonic Year is the time it takes the Earth's axis - that is a line from North Pole to South Pole through the center of Earth - to go through one whole precession to where the planets realign to their original position, or otherwise known as precession of the Equinoxes. It takes the Earth about 25800 to 26000 years to go through one Platonic Year. An Astronomical and Spiritual Soul Journey through the Universe often called Dream Astral travel.


The combined synergy of the healing vibrations of the Master Alchemy Crystal Bowls and the Sedna Paiste and Platonic Year Planet Tuned Harmonic Gong will clear and align many levels of spiritual, emotional and physical body energies. 

During awakened dream travel, we will float you from Mother Earth safely in a dream travel from the present, back through your birth, to the Angels and back to the feminine, masculine, and the Divine Father, and returning to present time. Then you will enjoy a spiritual guided dream travel across Mother Earth visiting spiritual destinations along the way, returning safely with bliss and enlightenment.

*A careful analysis of the 4th and 5th Dimensional Alchemy Bowls and Paiste Planetary symphonic gongs was conducted by multiple Grammy award winning sound and recording engineers. The conclusion was always the same, due to the vast and multi-expansive octave and hertz range, downloading online sound byte tracks could only provide a portion of the same sound range of a CD recording. This range was amazingly filled to max on the CD's. In so we have elected not to offer online downloads for exchange as the vibrational spiritual sound experience would be limiting. Technology has not yet caught up to this spiritual energy. We were referred to NASA for our next recording. Maybe, but until then CD's are here for the present.

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Sedna – "Companion of the Whales" CD

The Sedna Paiste Planetary Gong
is named after the Inuit (Eskimo)
Goddess of the Sea and the
companion of the whales.
The Sedna Gong brings forth the
powerful vibrational and clearing
energy of the Deep Oceans to help
us heal and release past life
emotions and present life buried

The Star of King Solomon DNA Color Channeling CD

The guided meditations and sound
healing energy channelings are
powerful and feature the 4th and
5th Dimensional Sounds of 22
High Alchemy Crystal Singing
Bowls to Clear, Awaken and Heal
the New Crystalline energy body.


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