Individual Sound Healing Session

Selected sound healing instruments you will experience during an
Individual Sound Healing Session
with Reverend Scott
(Minimum time of 1 hour)

Rev Scott is a spiritual volunteer and healer who is assisted by and channels over 40 different healing Saints, Angels and Spirit Doctors. These energies are shown in occasional photography as spiritual orbs of different shapes, sizes and colors around Rev Scott and those receiving energies during these healings, teachings and channelings.

Many spiritual mediums have clearly seen, spoken with and validated these healing Doctors and Spirits. Rev Scott’s clients include beginning and advanced spiritual practitioners, teachers, healers, massage therapists, acupuncturists, naturopathic and medical professionals, professional NFL and triathlon athletes, religious Pastors, Nuns and Monks, and the sick and ill, from all major religions, spiritual groups and ethnic backgrounds.

As presented below, a variety of sound healing instruments may be included for your sound, light and channeled healing and clearing.

Pythagorean Tuning Forks

Notes of C and G – Sacred Ratio 2:3 – Frequencies 256 Hz and 384 Hz

These tuning forks manifest the sacred ratio of 2:3 and create the interval known as a “perfect fifth.” This balances the right and left brains, the Yin and Yang energy, and creates calmness and tranquility throughout the nervous system, bringing into alignment the left and right brain’s synchronicity and balance. The resulting reduced brain wave activity produces states of relaxation, self-healing and transformation.

D n A Tuning Forks

Notes of D and A – Sacred Ratio 8:13 – Frequencies 288 Hz and 468 Hz

When sounded together, these tuning forks produce a sound that has been called angelic and many find it creates a spiraling effect. This ratio vibration represents the outer spiral of the Fibonacci series and Phi ratios and is in the outer octave of sonic ratios inherit in spiritual and sacred spirals. Through their intentions, many experience the inducing of spiritual travel or connection within to higher Angelic or spiritual realms or dimensions.

“OTTO” Tuning Forks

Notes of C – Frequencies of 64 Hz and 128 Hz

Developed from the research of a well-known medical acupuncturist, Dr. Irving Oyle. He found that the specific frequency of this type of sound therapy was absorbed and transmitted through sound vibrations throughout the body. 64 Hz and 128 Hz are harmonic within one cycle per second and is a harmonious frequency to the body interface and to acupressure points and meridians of the body, restoring balance.

Solfeggio Tuning Forks

These quantum harmonic or spiritual healing codes have been found throughout history in many cultures, including vocal harmonics of the Gregorian chants to ancient Mantras. Researched by many, including Dr. Leonard Horwitz and Dr. Joseph Puleo, to document the vibrational transformations and healings in the Human DNA and cellular bodies. These 9 levels of sound vibrations are used individually and together with the Spiritual Intuitive Vision of the Human Biofield (clearing Life path energies stored and stuck from childhood to present) to assist in an amazing spiritually healing, reported by many practitioners in the medical and spiritual healing fields.



174 Hz – Reduces Pain; Spiritually processes the Spirit and Physical body union here on the Earth Plane, as Spirit introduced to Matter
285 Hz – Influences Energy Fields, reconnecting with the spirit of Matter, Mother Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Plasma, Space and Universe
396 Hz – Turns Grief into Joy by Liberation of Guilt and Fear, Releasing DNA ancestral energies of the Physical Body
417 Hz – Facilitates Change, Releasing and Undoing Situations, Bringing Balance of the DNA Body on this Spiritual Life Path
528 Hz – Transformation and Miracles, DNA Repair, Opening to Love
639 Hz – Reconnecting and accessing knowledge by Rebalancing Relationships and lessons of Family and Friends from this lifetime and all lifetimes
741 Hz – Expressions and Solutions to all Situations, Energies and Lessons present themselves with the awaking of Intuition
852 Hz – Return to Spiritual Order and the Sacred Geometry alignment of all energy flow
963 Hz – Awaken to Perfect State, Matter and Life Path connecting back to Spirit, Creation and Source


Lemurian Tuning Forks

The Lemurian Tuning Forks™ feature a potent set of frequencies based on the mystical keynote of 432 Hz harmonized with the sacred geometries of the Pythagorean Triangle and the Phi Ratio. This extraordinary sacred harmony forms a Sonic Merkaba of the Light, Body and Spirit energy, which opens the gateway to profound journeys of higher consciousness.


Zen Chimes

The resonance and vibration of sound chimes releases stress and emotional blockages in the body and calms the mind. The calming of the mind expands our conscious awareness and connection with higher spiritual planes and our Angel Guides.


Paiste Sound Discs

These 5 discs are a stairway of sonic Phi resonance, connecting and awakening Brainwaves patterns of higher thought and lobes of the Brain unused in everyday life, opening higher spiritual consciousness to realms and dimensions of Heavens, Angels and Universe.


Antique Tibetan Tingshas

These spiritual instruments were specifically chosen and are tuned to the higher notes and octaves of the 6th, 7th and crown chakras to clear spiritual energies of space and time, opening up Astral, Visionary and Dream pathways between our physical bodies and higher spiritual dimensions of consciousness.


Antique Tiberian Bowls

These antique bowls were handmade between 100 to 400 years ago by Tibetan Monks with a prayer for each stroke of the Hammer.

They hold the spiritual energy of tens of thousands of prayers and each was hand chosen for their unique and rare dolphin like harmonic tones and overtones of vibrational energy.

We place these bowls in your hands, and on the back and front of the Body over chakra energy points, when you are in a relaxing in a prone position.

Blessed water from the Healing Spirit Doctors is added to the Bowls with healing intentions and prayers to accelerate the vibrations through the energy and physical bodies.

This is a sound healing practice that has been passed down for hundreds to thousands of years, and the energies released and cleared have been reported from life changing to healing miracles of energy.


Sedna Paiste Planetary Gong

We are all united as a spirit in a human DNA body and enter into this earth plane at a specific time and place which aligns us to planetary energies and vibrations of our solar system and the Universe. These harmonics and overtones flow in physical and spiritual bodies and this healing energy is truly amazing and life changing.


High Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls

These fourth and fifth dimensional sound and light channeling healing energies are like no other on earth. The alchemy’s added to pure crystal quartz create a crystal healing temple of unmatched ranges of octave, tones, overtones, and hertz. In science, quartz amplifies energy and it is has been proclaimed that sound and light is the future of medicine as we enter this era of the Aquarian age.


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Blessings and Unconditional Love to You.