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We invite you to share your time and energy with The New Earth Healing and Teaching Centers as an advisor on one or more of our committees, which you can read about here. Then, use the Online Form below to tell us what you love to do and how you can assist.

Seeking Present Volunteer Positions

Facebook coordinator 

Travel coordinator and meet and greet venue booking

Marketing and planning for Spirit Store


Grant writer



Some positions working with finances or privacy may include a basic work history and/or background check.

All volunteer positions with service of three or more months will include free exchanges of energy sessions and the Star of Solomon World Mystery School classes. Click here to visit the Calendar page for current sessions and locations.

To send your interest, please complete the online form, found below.

Blessings and unconditional love.

Future Volunteer Positions

Prayer and Meditation Services


Help create and share prayers, visualizations, meditations, mantras, ceremonies, blessings, breath work, clearing and centering, and more, for individuals and groups. The centers will share all services with children, teens, young adults, and adults.

Spiritual Development Instruction


Help manifest spiritual development, healing and recovery instruction for children, youth, young adults and adults. Instruction includes daily sessions up through week-long advanced spiritual healing and teaching sessions. Connect with us as teachers and healers to develop and share this instruction.

Nutrition and Wellness Instruction for Our Physical Body

If you have time, energy and expertise to share with the healing centers on how to care for the physical body, please volunteer for this committee. The Entities have requested teachings in this area, as we are a spiritual being living in a human body. The human body was designed to live disease-free. Diet is important to our spiritual healing and advancement (approximately one-third of the laws in the Old Testament are dietary laws). Déjà vu per the sudden rise of disease and illness. Please share your expertise in nutrition, exercise, yoga, herbs, essential oils, healing energy modalities, and recovery from sickness, illness or disease (cancer) as the healing centers create instruction in physical body care. The center will serve organic vegetarian and vegan-based healthy and holistic meals.

Webmastering, Spiritual Art and Communications

This website is built with unconditional love. If you can share your gifts of spiritual art and graphics design and illustration, webmastering, writing, communications, emails and more, we are grateful. Donations of original spiritual and blessed art to the thirteen new spiritual healing and teaching centers are appreciated.

Book Store and Gift Shop


The website will feature an online Book Store and Gift Shop soon, and the centers will feature an onsite Book Store and Gift Shop. Share your time and expertise with others as you help The New Earth Centers bring forth items in the Book Store and Gift Shop that assist and support physical and spiritual healings and ascension.

Facilities, Real Estate, Architecture, Interior Design, Engineering, Construction, Maintenance, “Green Certified” Buildings and Energy Management, Feng Shui and More


It is envisioned that the spiritual healing and teaching centers will include existing and new facilities. If you would like to share your gifts for facilities, real estate, architecture, interior design, engineering, construction, maintenance, “green certified” buildings, energy management, feng shui and more, please volunteer for this committee.

Landscaping, Organic Gardening and Caregiving for Mother Earth

If you have an interest in creating and sustaining beautiful, nurturing and peaceful surroundings with Mother Earth for the spiritual healing and teaching centers, there are abundant opportunities to share and benefit. Organic gardening in all forms (greenhouse, raised bed, and traditional earth-based gardening) to grow wholesome organic foods for the healing centers and soup kitchens will be a lovely contribution to the physical and spiritual healing process for all. Preserving nature’s abundance (for example, canning, freezing, drying, root cellaring) is part of this volunteer opportunity as well.

Cafeteria and Food Services, Including Meal Planning, Preparation and Instruction

Once we grow and preserve the grains, fruits and vegetables, and purchase additional foods, herbs and spices as needed, volunteers prepare meals in the healing centers and soup kitchens. “Give a person a meal and they will eat for a day. Teach a person to cook and they will eat for a lifetime!” This committee of volunteers will also teach those who come to learn healthy vegetarian and vegan meal planning and preparation, and mentor their meal preparation as they create blessed meals at the centers and soup kitchens.


Another Way You Can Share With Us

There are many opportunities to share your time and energy in support of the spiritual healing and teaching centers, so please share what you love to do in support of the centers.

Committee Volunteers who donate a creative energy and contributions will be eligible for room and board, class and special event partial- and full-inclusive center benefits.

Volunteering your time and energy is a wonderful spiritual journey, filled with learning and blessings.

Please use the Online Form below to share with us what you love to do, and we will contact you to share in your interest and the mission we have.

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