Present and Past Life Energy Clearing, Healing and Reading Sessions

Present and Past Life Energy Clearing, Healing and Reading Sessions Available

Experience beautiful healing energies, supported with High Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, pure essential oils, flower essences and blessed crystals, with the assistance of your angels and spiritual guides, for a deep spiritual past and present life clearing to assist with your present spiritual and ascension path.

(Phone sessions are available by appointment and are guided regressions to clear past accumulated karma and the mental, emotional and physical energies embedded deeply into the subconsious and your spirit. Healings average One to Three sessions depending on the level of clearing needed with group sessions discounted with your contributions)


You will be guided step by step on a spiritual vision quest and journey by spiritual clairvoyant Reverend Scott Raymond, (Ofificially validated) as one of Earth’s rare spiritual life remote viewers who will lead you through past life spiritual dimensions, time and distance. This advanced remote past life viewing and healing of in, clear, heal, and out back to life in the present in a single session and you will visit 3 past lives and may even meet one of your personal Spirit Guides. (This is a rare style of Past Life Reading and requires a Spirtual Remote Viewer) 

Also available is Alchemy Regression- this is practied by Hypnosis Therapists,-where you will lead into past lives and guided of reliving past and present emotional traumas, as this may take many treatmets, and days or weeks of sessions to accomplish a full clearing but has been proven to heal deep illness and clear deeply inbedded fears.

Both have proven benefits. But remote spiritual viewers are rare and assist others on spiritual journeys and visions. They travel in time and space to view through the eyes of others as you share the journey and experience alongside them. (Reverend Scott Has assisted in over 600 Past life remote viewings in this Life time)

As you relax on an antigravity chair, (or lay down in your Home Bed, reclining chair or sofa) you are guided into your suconsius and higher consious and peacefuly surrounded and spiritually escorted by a invocation of 14 Archangels eah by name, to begin your journey with the harmonious energies of the rare High Alchemy Master Crystal Singing Bowls and/or Solfeggio tuning forks. You will gently be relaxed and guided to clear and balance your body and spiritual chakras through the vibrational waves of color and sound on this deeply healng spiritual journey.

Safely surrounded by your angels and guides, together we escort you through a spiritual vision, clearing present life programming and then traveling back to view present and past energies in your spiritual garden and life path. We will travel back to 3 spiritual or past life viewings, depending on the time of each. These viewings are chosen by your present angels and/or spiritual guides to assist you with your spiritual life and ascension path.


Your angels and spiritual guides will assist in clearing and spiritually cleaning any negative energy and past life agreements and negative emotional repetitive patterns that are brought forth and that may be responsible for current life health, emotional, mental and spiritual issues. Clearings have been reported by many to aid physical and emotional health recovery in areas where western medicine has not produced results.

Your journey may also experience validations of your spiritual personality gifts on your “spiritual resume” which will aid you for current decisions on your ascension path.

Open your ascension path to a
spiritual, emotional and physical
shift of energies with
this amazing reading.

In person remote viewing draws a deep spiritual energy and Reverend Scott is available for only 2 sessions per day in the morning appointment hours During traveling with the cystal healing beds to provide the clearest viewing for your spiritual journey.

Phone sessions reading appointments in the comfort of your home, may be reserved in advance, day or night hours available. Please click the "Contact Us" Above with pastlife healing and reading requests. Sessions average 100-120 minutes with each Contribution of $100 or more.

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