Healing Sessions

Subconscious Hypnosis Regression Healing

Triple Past Life Clearing and Healing

Two Twin Crystal Cut Vogel Light Healing Beds

In each session you will experience deeply profound and life changing spiritual healing energies. Each session is unique and supported with the High Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls while you ae in the Giza Crystal Energy Pyramid. The New Earth Center and session space is prepared for you by Reverend Scott's clearing prayers in words of Latin, Hebrew, Sanskrit, Hindi and English with pure essential clearing oils and flower essences to establish and maintain a clear and safe high energy healing space for you. You will also be surrounded in each healing room by linked Selenite and by the energy of protecting and clearing blessed crystals, always surrounded with the Love, assistance and safety of your Angels and Spiritual Guides.

Each session is unique and Reverend Scott will guide you on your journey to clear and heal deep spiritual past and present life energies of reoccurring emotional DNA patterns, past effects of Mental, Emotional and Physical Trauma, PTSD, Addictions and Spirit based clearings to assist with your present spiritual and ascension path.

(Phone sessions are available by appointment and are guided regressions to clear past accumulated karma and the mental, emotional and physical energies embedded deeply into the subconscious and your Spirit.)


Medical Research and study shows: Psychoanalysis 38% recovery after 600 sessions

Behavior Therapy 72% recovery after 22 sessions

Hypnotherapy 93% recovery after 6 sessions

‘American Health Magazine’

Sub Conscious Hypnosis Regression Healing

We are experiencing a spiritual life of Love and Joy in a human body here on earth. We are all open to the mental and emotional influences of Family, DNA, Spirituality and all others we encounter on our spiritual paths since we arrived in this body as a child and we will reconnect to this spiritual child inside us to heal the journey from birth to present.

Approximately 13% of the Brain during waking hours each day is in a state of conscious, as when reading. The rest of the Brain is the state of subconscious. The Conscious Brain is always present during hypnosis sessions so you may observe and hear the journey into the subconscious,(Like a dream or movie with you in it) During the Journey You heal and remember this healing. http://www.newearthhealingandteachingcenters.org/images/Child%20of%20the%20universe.jpgHypnos’ means sleep in Greek. And therapy means the treatment of an illness, addiction or a disability. All can be cleared and healed layer by layer from each moment from each lifetime to allow us each to again experience the Love and Joy we came to Earth to share.

These sessions can deeply clear and heal the layers of hidden past and present energies associated with negative mental, emotional and physical experiences held within our subconsious mind and body energy.  Including PTSD-Post Tramatic Stress Disorder experiences, Traumas, auto or physical accidents, injuries and emotional life experiences inflicted on or around us. They remove the blocks that keep us from experiencing Joy, Happiness, and success on our Journey as a spirit in a human body.

If the negative mental and emotional energies are not removed, cleared, healed or corrected, they have been shown to aid and feed deeper emotional and physical illness, addictions and create mental confusion, depression, suicide and spiritual reoccurring trauma on our life paths often called Karma.

Experience a safe and amazing journey guideed in the energy of Angels and step by step with Reverend Scott. Make the choice to renew again and “Know Yourself” in a higher Love.

Hypnotherapy Regression is simply proven by Medical Study to work far better overall with the majority have past Trauma and energy cleared and a New Life path restored.

Many believe Hypnosis regression healing was created to heal the Mental and Emotions bodies and will be the primary healing modality in Earths Future for this area of human and spiritual health as it was orginially intended. 

Alchemy Hypnosis sessions incorporate the study and teachings of Drs. Freud, Jung, Reich, Erikson, Peris plus modern day Teachers.

Reverend Scott is a rare Remote Viewer and has recieved the most indepth long term training provided today at the Alchemy Institute in Hypnosis regression and has neen nationally certified. Your personal privacy of sessions will always be assured under the highest spiritual vows. 

Private one on one Intensive Hypnosis Regression Clearings- Generally 2 to 3 hours per session @ $125

(WOW-Session including sound and energy clearings with the Master Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls in the Crystal Giza Energy Pyramid)

(*Other practitioners are up to $250 a session without the Alchemy bowls or Energy pyramid)

Triple Past Life Clearing and Healing

As a validated Rare Remote Viewer of time, Reverend Scott will relax and guide you into the subconscious with your conscious mind as an observer to connect and remember the wisdom of past. Experience a journey through amazing dimensional levels under the safety of Angels, to clear and heal aspects of 3 separate past lives effecting the present in only one session. You may even meet one of your Spirit Guides along the way. Reverend Scott has been remote viewing and has read over 3,000 past lives since childhood and this journey is commented, the favorite past life experience of many spiritual teachers, readers, psychics and mediums.

2 Hours $125 (WOW- Session includes sound and energy clearings with the Master Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, relaxing in a zero gravity chair in the Crystal Giza Energy Pyramid)

(*Other Past Life Phone readings of only one past life visited as high as $200 per hour without Alchemy bowls or energy pyramid)

Both have proven benefits. But remote spiritual viewers are rare and assist others on spiritual journeys and visions. They travel in time and space to view what is chosen by your Angel Guides, as you share the journey and experience alongside them. (Reverend Scott Has assisted in over 1,000 Past life remote viewings in this Life time)

 As you relax on an antigravity chair for remote viewings and on a comfortable padded matt with area to move for Hypnosis Regressions with pillows and blankets to comfort you, all inside the Giza Crystal Energy Pyramid. (or lay down in your Home Bed, reclining chair or sofa for phone readings) You are guided into your subconsius and higher consious and are consiouly aware of Reverend Scott's voice guiding your spirit. Around you spiritually escorts by a invocation of 14 Archangels each by name to guide the path, offer protection if needed and keep you safe. To begin your journey with the harmonious energies of the rare High Alchemy Master Crystal Singing Bowls.. You will gently be relaxed and guided to clear and balance your body and spiritual chakras through the vibrational waves of color and sound on this deeply healng spiritual journey.

Your angels and spiritual guides will assist in clearing and spiritually cleaning any negative energy and past life agreements and negative emotional repetitive patterns that are brought forth and that may be responsible for current life health, emotional, mental and spiritual issues. Clearings have been reported by many to aid physical and emotional health recovery in areas where western medicine has not produced results.

Your journey may also experience validations of your spiritual personality gifts on your “spiritual resume” which will aid you for current decisions on your ascension path.

Open your ascension path to a
spiritual, emotional and physical
shift of energies with
this amazing reading.

In person remote viewing draws a deep spiritual energy and Reverend Scott is available for only 2 sessions per day in the morning appointment hours During traveling with the cystal healing beds to provide the clearest viewing for your spiritual journey.

Phone sessions reading appointments in the comfort of your home, may be reserved in advance, day or night hours available. Please click the "Contact Us" Above with pastlife healing and reading requests. Sessions average 120 minutes with each Contribution of $125 or more.

Two Twin Crystal Light Healing Beds

Experience the Energies of the first twin traveling set of Crystal Bed's (CB's) issued from John of God at the Casa Dom Ignacio healing center in Brazil, which work together more highly in an Infinity current. The Spirit Doctors chose Reverend Scott to travel with these CB's for spiritual healing of the masses and to wake up Earth's future Spiritual teachers and healers.

Reverend Scott assists you before and after your CB healing session with his his spiritual energies as a remote viewer medium, nearly 30 years of spiritual guiding and teaching experience in this life and many lifetimes of knowledge in spiritual service. He has accumulated the highest CB Practitioner experience on Earth supervising over 3,300 sessions. 

One or Two may book Crystal Bed sessions together at the same time as with a couple or friends. Each CB is in a separate room surrounded with the vibration colors of the Casa Dom Ignacio in Brazil, spiritual pictures and healing crystals from the Casa.

Each individual Crystal Bed session is unique and different and each CB Practitioner has unique spiritual energies to assist you with your required 50% of the healing Energy as when you visit the Casa Dom Ignacio Healings in Brazil.

Reverend Scott’s Unique Spiritual Energy sessions Include:

  1. Science and Spiritually Teachings of the CB conscious, subconscious and higher conscious process and the experience shared of over 3,300 CB healing sessions.
  2. You will relax reclined in a zero gravity chair in the 12 foot crystal filled Giza Energy Pyramid, receive a Guided Spiritual Sound Balancing, DNA clearing and Spiritual dream travel Clearing and set healing Intentions.
  3. Receive a Crystal Bed healing session with the Spirit Doctors and Angel Assistance
  4. Receiving Blessed water.* Followed by an Aura Color energy reading by Reverend Scott and a guidelines sheet to take with you to assist you on your healing path.

A different and Progressive 1 hour Sound Guided Clearing and Healing in the Giza Energy Pyramid is performed before each Crystal Light Bed healing session and may include:

  • 4th and 5th Dimensional Master Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls
  • Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls and Tingshas
  • King Solomon Mystery School DNA Color Channeling
  • Pineal-Kundalini Crystal Singing Pyramid
  • Energy Treatment with John of God and Spirit Doctor Blessed Large Vogel cut Quartz Healing Crystals 
  • Solfeggio’s sound healing in Holy Harmony w/Mystery School DNA Channeling
  • Lemurian Pythagorean triples- DNA, Phi, Nebulae Merkaba spinning sound healing
  • Brain Balancing in the Pythagoras perfect 5th 2:3 ratio
  • Regridding in phi ratio Fibonacci sacred spiral 8:13 ratio
  • Bio-mat's Amethyst and Green Tourmaline Infrared healing
  • Da Vinci's Golden ratio of Sound balancing, Balancing Seasons to the 5 Elements in nature and 12 meridians, Feng Shui
  • Paiste Symphonic Universal Healing Gong, Paiste sound disks
  • Sacred Buf falo Pow Wow Drumming Earth and Nature Balance
  • Zen Dimensional Layer Diversity Energy Breath Chimes
  • Each CB and Sound Clearing is a progressively different energy and you are spiritually guided as you relax on your zero gravity chair and simply enjoy the energies.

Your first first session is 3 hours including the teachings of the Scientific and Spiritual healing you recieve on the CB . Additional sessions are 2 hours. Approximately 50 minutes of sessions are in the crystal healing bed healing energies. (60 minutes is Max per day).

You will then recieve an Aura reading and healing guidlines are discussed while you enjoy the energy of your blessed healing water.

$100 for first CB session with teachings, $75 for each additional CB progressive sound and light session.

For Additional Info on the Crystal Bed and Reverend Scott's spiritual life studies,


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