Prayer of Caritas

Energy Mandala of Casa de Dom Inacio and the Spirit Doctor Channeled Healings - Created by Medium Gail Alexander

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The Prayer of Caritas. We invite you to pray this prayer with us, and with everyone who has been, will be, or is now at the Casa. We pray this prayer for the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing intentions of everyone, everywhere, incarnate and discarnate.

The Prayer of Caritas


God, our Father, who is all power and goodness,
give strength to those who go through tribulations;
give light to those who seek the truth,
and fill the human heart with compassion and charity.


God, give the guiding star to the traveler,
consolation to the afflicted, and rest to the sick.


Father! Give repentance to the guilty,
truth to the spirit,
guidance to the child and a father to the orphan.


Lord! May your goodness extend over everything that You have created.
Mercy, Lord, to those who do not know You
And hope to those who suffer.


May Your goodness allow the consoling spirits
to spread peace, hope, and faith everywhere.


God! A ray of light and a spark of Your love can inflame the Earth.
Let us drink from the fountains of this abundant and infinite goodness,
and all tears will be dried,
and all pain will be lessened.



A single heart, a single thought will rise to you,
like a cry of gratitude and love.



Like Moses on the mountain, we wait for You with open arms.
Oh! Goodness, oh! Beauty, oh! Perfection,
we wish in some way to deserve Your mercy.



Give us the strength to help progress so we may rise up to You:
give us pure charity;
give us faith and reason;
and give us the simplicity that will make our souls
the mirror that will reflect your image.


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Blessings and Unconditional Love to All.