Crystal Healing Beds

Triangle_Crystal Healing Bedscrystal healing beds
At the Casa de Dom Inacio, the Spirit Doctors often prescribe crystal light healing bed (bath) therapy. Providing the original Casa crystal beds outside the confines of the Casa is with the specific recommendation and connection with the Spirit Doctors. Because space and time are an illusion, the Spirit Doctors are able to be present and work directly with those who seek their healing and guidance through the crystal beds.

Oprah's Visit With John of God at the Casa de Dom Inacio

Oprah's Visit with John of God: You Are Exactly Where You Need to Be. "I know that even the worst of times are always preparing me for the best." From the June 2012 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine By Oprah Winfrey

Click here to read this blog by Oprah about her new assignment for "Next Chapter:" a trip to Brazil to interview John of God, the healer who's been known to perform miracles.

Interviews with Dr. Wayne Dyer, PhD

Dr. Wayne Dyer's Remote Healing from the Healing Spirit Doctors of the Casa de Dom Inacio and the Medium John of God – March 25, 2012

On March 25, 2012, Oprah Winfrey interviewed Dr. Wayne Dyer about his remote healing of the cancer leukemia by the Healing Spirit Doctors of the Casa de Dom Inacio. Dr. Wayne Dyer says his illness is gone due to a long distance surgery he had requested through the medium John of God by the Healing Spirit Doctors. As John of God states, "All healing comes from God."

Dr. Wayne Dyer's Remote Healing, Part 1

Dr. Wayne Dyer's Remote Healing, Part 2


Interview with Dr. Wayne Dyer, PhD - July 28, 2011

Click here to listen as Dr. Dyer speaks of his western medicine diagnosis of the cancer leukemia and his distance healing through the Spirit Doctors of the Casa de Dom Inacio. Dr. Dyer states that he was infused with love and this changed his life. He describes how he was healed, and is now transformed and living with a renewed purpose.

Information About John of God

Information about John of God can be found widely on the internet, and includes the following information that is available.

Schedule for John of God
The travel schedule for John of God is updated periodically:

Donations to Casa de Dom Inacio and John of God Interests In Brazil



John of God Interview
Spiritual Cures, book written by Dr. Ismar Estulano Garcia (published by AB Editoria, ABDR Associacao Brasileria de Direitos Reprograficos, 2007).

John of God Information :

A worldwide website maintained by Friends and Guides of The Casa de Dom Inacio (the house of St Ignatius Loyola).

The Abadiania Portal : Resources and worldwide information on travel to see John of God in Abadiania, Brazil. Maintained by Volunteers who work alongside John of God at the Casa.


John of God In the Media

Click the link below and scroll down to see “'John of God' a faith healer?”

Behind the Scenes: Meeting Spiritual Healer John of God
[O, The Oprah Magazine, December 2010 issue]
Click the link below to read this article.”

Do You Believe in Miracles?
[Posted from “The Oprah Winfrey Show, November 17, 2010]
Click the link below to read this article.

Leap of Faith: Meet John of God
In a remote corner of Brazil, the man known as John of God is changing people’s lives in astonishing ways. Can belief cure illness? Can energy heal? Susan Casey took the journey to find out. Click the link below to read this article.

Science and Miracles
Dr. Jeff Rediger traveled to Brazil as a skeptic, hoping to uncover the truth behind John of God's controversial form of healing. Click here to see why he started to question what he believes.


“O Magazine”
Also see the December 2010 issue of “O Magazine.”


HEALING: Miracles, Mysteries and John of God
Witness the outstanding abilities of John of God, one of the most powerful and respected healers in the world today. This award-winning movie documentary takes you on physical and emotional journeys which reach beyond conventional medical understanding, and answers fundamental questions about life, faith and our interaction with the spiritual world. This international edition comes with seven language track options, including English; Spanish; French; Portuguese; German; Italian; and Russian.


CD Illustrations

"Sedna Dreams"

"Sacred Teachings"


Illustrations of "Sedna Dreams" and "Sacred Teachings"
By Brigidina
As an artist, facilitator, writer, meditational guide, and energy healing practitioner, Brigidina channels personalized HeARTistry during individual and group energy sessions. Brigidina creates custom artwork for canvas, prints, digital graphics, websites, logos, CD covers, murals, book Illustrations, and the Sacred Spiral Wall Medallions project. She facilitates play shops on living from essence and designs sacred healing spaces in homes and businesses focusing on the vibration of color, sustainability, and positive energy flow. Brigidina happily creates for consciously evolving groups, businesses, circles, families, tribes, communities, and organizations.



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