Energy Mandalas

Gail Alexander, an Energy Worker who has completed spiritual healing sessions on the Crystal Light Healing Beds, was asked to channel Energy Mandalas from the Ascended Masters, Archangel Michael, several Ascended Masters, and Reverend Scott.

These Energy Mandalas clearly display the Healing Spirit Doctors, Angels, the Star of David, and the domes of The New Earth Healing and Teaching Centers.

Gail felt a strong draw to the healing energies of the  Healing Spirit Doctors, as the Six “Spirit Doctores,” as they introduced themselves, came forth to her and channeled the three steps of healing energies: The Opening, The Healing, and The Incorporation. All these energy mandalas were presented to Reverend Scott.

Notice-Medium Gail Alexander resides in the North Central United States and her Mandala energy work is unique and is only channeled and connected to her spiritual path and spiritual artistic creations..

For any questions about these energy mandalas, please contact Gail at:

Blessings to you as you meditate with the Energy Mandalas of The New Earth Healing and Teaching Centers.

Energy Mandalas For
The New Earth
Healing And Teaching Centers

Reverend Scott Raymond by Medium Gail Alexander

Energy Mandalas of St Dom Inacio de Loyola and the Spirit Doctors Channeled Healings by Medium Gail Alexander



Energy Mandalas of Spirit Doctor Healing Process Channeled From The Six "Doctores"  by Medium Gail Alexander

The Opening
The Healing
The Incorporation

Energy Mandalas of Archangel Michael and Ascended Masters Jesus, King Solomon, Mother Mary and Saint Germain by Medium Gail Alexander

Archangel Michael
King Solomon
Mother Mary
Saint Germain

Energy Mandalas of King David and Sister Sheila by Medium Gail Alexander

King David
Sister Sheila


Our Gratitude to Gail Alexander for the Energy Mandalas

Gail Alexander – Artist, Therapist, and Energy Worker.

Each Energy Mandala is hand drawn and holds a specific frequency and vibration derived from the principles of sacred geometry, universal knowledge, love, and light. The medium Gail most prefers is colored pencils on paper. When Gail draws, she allows the colors, images, and energy to create the mandala. Each piece is hand drawn and is started in the middle, working its way out.