Spirit Doctor Assisted Crystal Light Healing Beds

Our physical and spiritual bodies are made from and are surrounded by energy. We store and create the energy inside us and around us and some energies create sickness and illness. For thousands of years, we have used crystal energy to amplify, heal and clear the energies in our bodies. There are over 60 references to the use of crystals in the Bible and hundreds more in ancient spiritual text and in all cultures throughout Earth’s history. Many also include references to The Father God and The Mother Earth

The Crystal Light Healing Beds technology was sent to us by the Spirit Healing Doctors of St. Dom Inacio to be used in physical and spiritual healings. Each Crystal Bed Practitioner is responsible for assisting by creating, clearing and holding energy  space around  their crystal bed healings or may simply choose to just offer a relaxing crystal bed energy bath to clients as in open air public venues or in some private sessions.



The New Earth Healing and Teaching Centers are blessed with the presence of the first  twin pair of Crystal Healing Beds issued by St. Dom Ignacio. These Crystal Healing Beds have been witnessed by several mediums the rare gift to be blessed in the Healing Current directly before the presence of the Patron St. Dom Ignacio for physical and spiritual healings. When requesting assistance with the New Healing Center, St Dom Ignacio replying where all the mediums present verified," We (the spirit Doctors, Nurses, Interns, assistants and supporting Angels) will all help". Together the twin crystal beds create a special, rare and Unique geometric energy healing current manifesting over 3,400 spiritual healings through Spirit to date. Reverend Scott has assisted more crystal bed healings and witnessed more spiritual and miracle healings than any other crystal bed practitioner on Earth. His wisdom will teach many generations to come.


The Spirit Doctors and the thousands of Spiritual Assistants who serve each perform physical and spiritual healings of St Dom Inacio can be invoked by the Crystal Bed practitioner or recipient and then assist with the individual's physical and spiritual healings that manifest worldwide with the Crystal Healing Beds.

Many have reported the healing Spirit Doctors revisit them again or several times following the healing process. (Spiritual Cures, page 112)

The Crystal Healing Beds create a portal for the Spirit Healing Doctors to channel their physical and spiritual healing energies.

For the New Earth Crystal Bed session, a Healing Angel-approved Medium will assist by first clearing the chakras and aura before your session to enhance and magnify the healing and channeled energies of the spiritual healing Doctors. The person receiving the physical or spiritual healing is often very conscious of the healing that has occurred.

"(T)he thousands of assisting Spirits” (Spiritual Cures, page 91) often begin performing energy healings for an individual once that individual manifests their intent for healing and schedules their healing sessions. Persons may be aware of Spirit Doctor visits before their session, and periodically for many days or weeks after a healing session on the Crystal Healing Beds.         

Dr Andre Luiz

Dr Augusto de Almeida

Dr Bezerra de Menezes

Dr Jose Valdivino

Dr Oswaldo Cruz


St Dom Inacio de Loyola


The energetic portal created by the Crystal Healing Beds will bless and enlighten the property, and connect with the crystal energy of Mother Earth and the Christ Consciousness grid.

The wonderful physical and spiritual healing energies of the Spirit Doctors will help to open the heart to unconditional love.

Reverend Scott's  mission of healing and service is extended out to the world and will be commemorated with the first New Earth Healing and Teaching Center in the United States. He iis supported over the years by over 40 various Spirit Doctor Teams and many Healing Angels of Love. With the spiritual teching guidance of Healing Knowledge offered by Reverend Scott, many report medical style miracles and mental, emotional and physical healing progress.


Additional Information on Crystal Healing Beds


The Spirit Doctors often prescribe crystal light healing bed or (crystal bath) therapy. Providing the crystal beds are served by the crystal bed practitioner, the specific recommendation of energy space created and connection with the Spirit Doctors, channels the energy and healing vibration of the Spirit Doctors.This outside energy is unique and different by energy set, cleared and the assistance provided by the Crystal Bed Practitioner before and after the Crystal Bed Session. Because space and time are an illusion, the Spirit Doctors are able to be present and work directly with those who seek their healing and guidance through the crystal light healing beds held in higher spiritual energy. This Spirit Doctor assistance format is laid out in the series of books channeled  by Fransisco 'Chico' Xavier through the Spirit Doctor Andre Luiz. Without the the higher spiritual energy created and held for the Spirit Doctors, one recieves a general crystal bath experience or the aura being bathed in crystal light energy. 

The Spirit Doctors of St Dom Ignacio  have provided for us a detailed healing protocol in writing for receiving spiritual current. In the Casa Protocol, section 5.3 of this Spiritual Current healing, all are to first prepare to receive spiritual healing by “cleansing the energy”. “This is a very important function, as the cleansing prepares participants for our encounter with the Spirit Doctors." All who recieve Spiritual Healing at the Saint Dom Ignacio Casa In Brazil first recieve this cleansing.

We are Honored as Volunteers to spiritually assist with your choice of the reccommended clearing energy CD's from the Spirit Store Link Above and/or the Crystal Bed PDF which includes and describes in a step by step guide for each Crystal Bed Practitioner your choice of Spirit Doctor prescribed cleansing's for recieving spiritual healing. A priceless assistant for your healing practice or spiritual business and the difference between you providing a crystal bath energy experience or the countless documented spirit doctor assisted healings for your clients.

International Crystal Healing Beds Practitioners Training Sessions- with over 3,400 Crystal Bed healing sessions experience. An in-debt healing class with teachings of the spiritual energies, science and health. Offered to Crystal Bed practitioners, healers and owners with a private training appointment and includes a crystal healing bed session. Please see the Calendar page for the current location of the Twin crystal healing beds.

(This is the only known international Crystal Healing Bed Training available)

Online Video Training Class will be Available Online in Spring- March/April 2019



“Faith is to believe what you do not see. The reward of this faith is to see what you believe.”
Saint Augustine


“There are two ways to
live your life. One is though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as though
everything is a miracle.”
Albert Einstein



“According to your faith,
let it be done for you.”

The energy of the sacred heart of Jesus heals through the Casa de Dom Inacio and the Crystal Light Healing Beds.

“Your body is precious.
It is our vehicle for awakening.
Treat it with care.”