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The energy of the sacred heart of Jesus heals through the Casa de Dom Inacio, John of God, and the Crystal Light Healing Beds.

Let the words and message of Christ in the Gospel of John 15:12
fill the sacred space in your heart…

My command is this:
That you love one another as I have loved you.

Love, Unconditional Love,
Compassionate Love


What is “Spiritual merit?”
The Spirit Doctors through John of God has answered this as, “Merit consists in spiritual conditions that were accumulated in past incarnations and that may be added to one’s present conduct in order for a person to be deserving of intended healing. An individual must improve his/her soul in order to obtain merit. When a person has earned merit, he/she will find the cure in any place and in any religion.” (Spiritual Cures, page 111)

Spiritual Merit is within our souls and key to opening our own Ascension Door. It is increased for each of us when we assist others who have crossed our Lifepath. The more souls and lifetimes our actions directly assist spiritually, the more multiplied is the merit increased, “as so to the wild flowers in nature’s beauty across a wide spread valley.” The more we give the more we receive. You may donate your time to volunteering to charity, or as John of God or the Saints before us helping the sick and ill, or donate actions financially to assist other volunteers. The New Earth Volunteers assist and touch countless thousands of sick, ill and poor with deep spiritual assistance through your actions and many have reported life path changes and manifestations to medically documented spiritually healings from their simple actions of donation and receiving Spiritual Merit.

Many have asked how I can connect with the Spirits to heal and receive higher teachings. How can I turn my crystal light bed into a crystal healing bed?

It is Known by all who study, each number creates a vibration and message

11 the number for setting of intensions, spiritual life purpose and soul mission

33 is the number to open strong and clear communications with the Spirit Doctors and Ascended Masters. They will hear and assist your Prayers and intensions.

44 is the number to open communications with Spiritual Angels which reside in higher dimensional realms. They will hear and assist your Prayers and intensions.

111 sets your thoughts and prayers to urgent and manifesting instantly through higher spirit. Release to the universe all not serving your highest good. Changes are validated in waves and manifesting in spiritual miracle form around you.

133 The Ascended Masters are completely supporting and surrounding you in all ways. This number was given in donation by Rev Scott and the New Earth to create our “Crystal Healing Beds”. Countless have validated being surrounded by Spirit Doctors, Saints, Guides and Ancestors and after during their healing sessions.

144 The Angels are by your side are assisting with spiritual study, knowledge and higher healings. Rev Scott has given this in donation to assist the sick and ill and is supported and surrounded by Angelic spiritual orbs often photographed and seen on the New Earth website Home page. Many in session with Rev Scott have encountered Angels and after sessions have been validated by mediums of an Angel watching over them.


“If you envision a world of peace and unconditional love for all beings, and see children, teens, young adults and adults living together in harmony, it’s time to take the next step in healing Mother Earth in a higher spiritual cause. 

The Angels, Ascended Masters, Ancestors, Saints, Spirit Doctors and St. Dom Ignacio, through the Crystal Light Healing Beds and The New Earth Healing and Teaching Centers, are here to serve and assist all on Mother Earth who request their help.”

Manifesting The New Earth Healing and Teaching Centers

Vision for
The New Earth
Healing and Teaching Centers

The New Earth Healing and Teaching Centers are dedicated to assisting each individual’s life path of healing the body, mind and spirit and offer many spiritual services at no charge, and classes based on a small fee or service-based energy exchange for those that choose to visit the centers.

The New Earth world educational and healing centers rely on contributions to continue spiritual teachings and healings.

It is envisioned through the spiritual and physical healings of the Spirit Doctors and St. Dom Ignacio, and incarnate world spiritual leaders, that thirteen New Earth Healing and Teaching Centers will be built in the United States.

Each center will be a destination location and will have available housing for those who journey to stay for volunteer positions and spiritual teachings, healings and community events. Each individual center will offer a commemoration and memory of the life-long service of those who have served Mother Earth in the spiritual healing and teaching fields, and we are honored to offer in the first of these centers a commemoration to John of God.

Your contributions and gifts support and help the envisioned thirteen New Earth Centers as the Ascended Masters continue their world-wide mission to offer body, mind, and spirit teachings and healings to awaken the sacred heart.

If you or anyone you know have received a spiritual healing, and you wish to help others receive healings and spiritual education with the Ascended Master teachings, please contribute now. If would like to contribute to one of the many opportunities to create a family or friend memorial to be included in the healing and teaching centers, please contact us.

If you envision a world of peace and unconditional love for all beings, and see children, teens, young adults and adults living together in unconditional love and sharing teachings from the Ascended Masters, it’s time to take the next step in healing Mother Earth in a higher spiritual cause.

Please contribute now and in the future.

All contributions benefit the teachings and healings of The New Earth Healing and Teaching Centers and will support requests for events and world spiritual leaders to visit these new world centers. Donations to the John of God charitable activities in Brazil cannot be accepted here and can be made through the Casa in Brazil. Please see the “Links” page for more information.

Blessings and
unconditional love to you
for your
generous contribution!

Additional Opportunities to Contribute

Gift Planning
You can include the healing and teaching centers in your will or other financial planning instruments, such as a gift of life insurance, or a gift through your IRA.

Family or Friend Memorial
If would like to contribute to one of the many opportunities to create a family or friend memorial to be included in the healing and teaching centers, please contact us.

Other Contributions
Please contact The New Earth Healing and Teaching Centers to discuss additional contributions you can make, such as the contribution of real estate, artwork, furniture, vehicles, buildings and building supplies, boats, airplanes and other precious items.

Time and Energy
There are many wonderful volunteer opportunities for artists, website masters, craftsman, engineers, designers, builders, farmers, teachers, nutritionists, yoga and meditation instructors, healers and all with supporting energies. To learn how you can share your time and energy with the centers, click here.

“Staying Green,” Self-Sufficient and Eco-Aware
The New Earth Centers are also seeking to become self-sufficient.

We welcome contributions such as windmills, solar panels, greenhouses, and agricultural and farming equipment. We also welcome the gifts of perennial fruit-bearing plants and orchard trees, and the labor to help plant and nurture them.




“The measure of your life will not be in what you accumulate, but in what you give away.”
Dr. Wayne Dyer

“Wise men express their appreciation and gratitude by some return of kindness, not only to their benefactor, but to everyone else.”

"A bit of fragrance always clings to the hand that gives you roses."
Chinese Proverb

“Love shows itself better through deeds than by words.”
Saint Ignatius
de Loyola
Patron of the Casa

“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.”

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”

His Holiness
The Dalai Lama

“May all our thoughts, words and actions benefit both others as well as ourselves.”

“Good works are links that form a chain of love.”
Mother Teresa