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 Distance Spirit Doctor Healing Request 

All Distance Healing Requests are unique and we submit healing request information which is specifically needed and requested by the Spirit Doctors and their supporting spirit staff. Please click on the link below and follow directions found there to submit your personal Spiritual Healing Request or to submit a Spiritual Healing request for another:



To receive All information, including Pricing and guidance on how to purchase a new John of God Crystal Bed from the Casa Dom Ignacia in Brazil, Or Find Crystal Bed Practitioners Near You.

Please click the Link above Then follow instruction link


You Must First offer a Financial contribution of energy exchange through the link above and then, only then will you receive the Crystal Bed Purchase and Pricing Info in a PDF format Emailed to you by our Volunteers. Volunteers cannot reply to crystal bed purchase inquiries without a contribution exchange.



For all other inquiries and Questions, please contact us using the form below. (Again-No Crystal Bed prices or purchase questions are accepted without first offering a contribution, please follow instructions and click on the link above to receive these answers)

There are no mistakes in life, only Lessons. A Lesson will repeat itself in different formats, Life after Life, untill it is Learnt. Then we move on to the next Lesson. Each Lesson Learnt prepares us for the events presented before us on our spiritual path in the following days, weeks, months or years. When we have completed our Life Lessons on Earth, only then we will Ascend to a higher Spiritual Plane. Your Lesson here is, service before self.

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