Calendar and Spiritual Journeys

Reverend Scott is currently moving locations. Our volunteers will repost to the calendar the dates, times and location when we receive information when the sound and light healings are next available.


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Blessings to you in 2018.


CDs of Guided Meditations, Color Light Channelings and Sound Clearings and Healings With The Master Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls and Paiste Planetary Gongs


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 As New Earth Volunteers, we send our Gratitude and Love to Reverend Scott, who has traveled well over 300,000 miles to Teach and Aid in Spiritual Healings on 5 Continents, volunteering over 25,000 hours of service time and energy over 8 years as a Spiritual Pastor, traveling from city to city with the Crystal Beds, healing and waking up the future spiritual teachers, and in assisting and holding Energy for the New Earth Healing and Teaching Centers. 

Assisting over 3,400 sound and light body healings, in service to the Spiritual Ascension paths of the many. He is acknowledged and Blessed by several of earth’s spiritual and religious leaders and healers, for his spiritual healing and teaching mission. This mission is supported by over 40 teams of assisting Spirit Doctors, Angels, Saints and Spiritual Healing Guides and one or more spiritual teams will uniquely assist your healing journey. 

Blessings and Joy to all on Your Spiritual Journey.

The New Earth Volunteers

Reverend Scott assists all, whether you choose sessions alongside your western, eastern, alternative medicines and/or other spiritual healing assistance on your path. Many make a spiritual pilgramage to visit Reverend Scott who are healthy and seek a higher spiritual journey to ascension for their spirit in this life. These spiritual based healings assist the mental, emotional and physical bodies with natural energies and remiedies and have offered many a higher healing path to what some have documented as spiritual healing miracles western medicine cannot explain.

Spiritual Journeys for 2011-2018

Our Spiritual Journeys for 2011-2018 have taken us to meet many beautiful and light-filled souls. Blessings and unconditional love to all!