About The Centers

Vision for
The New Earth
Healing and Teaching Centers

Centers Connected to All Supporting Energies

The New Earth Healing and Teaching Centers were first envisioned in 2008 during a World Mystery School meditation and ceremony.

In 2010, during a blessing of the crystals for the Crystal Light Healing Beds, the incorporated Spirit Doctors of the Casa Dom Ignacio in Abadiania, Brazil were asked for assistance with the new healing centers.

Saint Dom Inacio announced

“We will all help.”

It has been validated by many spiritual visionaries, mediums and channelers, through the Ascended Masters, that there will be several new healing and teaching centers across the United States, available for all.

The New Earth Centers will connect in spirit and to the teachings of the Ascended Masters and Angels, to the Father God and the Mother Earth, as we are the children.

All the centers are aligned with the earth's magnetic gridlines to provide special healing energies. Additional healing and teaching centers will follow throughout the world in the years and decades to come. Each individual center will be named in commemoration and memory of the life-long service of those who have served Mother Earth in the spiritual healing and teaching fields.


The New Earth Centers' healing energies are assisted by the Crystal Light Healing Beds and the thousands of Earth’s Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Ancestor Guides, Spirit Doctors, and St. Dom Ignacio.




Energy Mandalas of Spirit Doctor Healing Process Channeled From The Six "Doctores" - By Medium Gail Alexander


The Opening

The Healing

The Incorporation

For information about the Energy Mandalas and Healing Process, click here.

The New Earth Centers Are Peaceful, Eco-Friendly and Dedicated to Self-Sufficiency

The New Earth Centers are shaped around an eco-friendly design and green buildings.

The grounds include an outdoor amphitheater, a meditation and prayer chapel, shrines, beautiful flower and crystal world theme meditation gardens nestled between angels, spiritual statues, water features and gazebos, all connected to walking nature paths and a healing lake.

Fields of organic agriculture and orchards with year round greenhouses will be the model.

Self-sufficient solar, water and wind energies, the destination housing complex, shuttle and food services will be supported by the temporary, seasonal and full-time volunteers as well as staff.   

Architecture will include a theater, labyrinths and classrooms, a spiritual library for study, a series of temples to include Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, gong and sound healings, meditation and yoga. Various water, crystal, oxygen and Himalayan salt healing and meditation rooms, massage and acupuncture rooms, the Crystal Light Healing Beds, an onsite herbal and essential oil store, a wholesome organic cafeteria style restaurant, a book and crystal gift store and more.


The New Earth Centers will support year round spiritual healing, teaching and musical concert community world events that present welcoming and comfortable visits from spiritual leaders, and teachers.

Prayer and Healing Services Each Week


The centers have available prayer, healing, and teaching services each week.

Acts of Charity

The New Earth Healing and Teaching Centers are dedicated to providing acts of charity. In the spirit and manner of the Saints and healing Spirit Doctors, the centers will continue acts of charity, including:

  • Spiritual healing for the underprivileged who are sick and ill.
  • Collection drives for clothing, blankets, toys, school materials and health items such as toothbrushes and eyeglasses for the poor and underprivileged.

Blessings and unconditional love to you.






“You, you may say I'm a dreamer,
but I'm not the only one.
I hope someday you'll join us…
and the world will live as one.”
John Lennon

“Where there is Faith, there is Love;
Where there is Love, there is Peace;
Where there is Peace, there is Truth;
Where there is Truth, there is God;
Where there is God, there is Bliss.”
Sai Baba

“Never worry
about numbers.
Help one
person at a
time and
always start
with the person
nearest you.”
Mother Teresa