Dedicated to Sharing Spiritual Healing Energies Through
The Father (God),
The Mother (Earth),
And The Children (Humanity)

Dear Sisters and Brothers of Light,

Blessings to you.

We are all here together at this moment in time to evolve our spirits and to be of service to one another and Mother Earth.

It has been envisioned by several of the earth’s spiritual leaders, teachers and healers, and through the Spirit Doctors and St. Dom Ignacio, that several new spiritual healing and teaching centers will be created and connected across The New Earth-United States.

With the permission and Blessings of Saint Dom Ignacio, the new spiritual healing and teaching centers will include the healing energy assistance of the Crystal Light Healing Beds and the Spirit Doctors, Spiritual Assistants, Angels and Spiritual Guides of Unconditional Love.

Additional assistance from earth’s Ascended Spiritual Masters and Angels will expand these energies with spiritual teachings for children, teens and adults to evolve the human body and spirit beyond illness and disease and in balance with The New Earth changing energies.

João Teixeira de Faria, a gifted and powerful medium known as “João de Deus” (John of God), has announced that the healing energies and mission of the Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadiania, Brazil will continue beyond his incarnation. With the Blessings of Saint Dom Ignacio, the first of these new healing and teaching centers will be dedicated in commemoration of the lifelong service and channeled healings of John of God. Saint Dom Ignacio has verbally committed assistance to The New Earth Healing and Teaching Centers, in the spoken words through John of God, “We will all help.”

Vision for
The New Earth
Healing and Teaching Centers

The inspiration and guidance of the Ascended Masters and Spirit Doctors is to create a destination spiritual healing and teaching center for all people throughout the United States and around the earth…peaceful and nurturing centers, filled with unconditional love and teaching the heart spiritual energies to children, teens and adults.

By Awakening the Heart and healing our physical and spiritual bodies, we connect and heal with each other and Mother Earth.

It is envisioned that the centers will provide available short- and long-term housing and meals and large indoor and outdoor sacred areas, and provide a high spiritual energy environment comfortable for world spiritual healing and teaching events in the United States.

All of the new spiritual healing and teaching centers will be open year-round.


The first of The New Earth spiritual healing and teaching centers will be built on the earth’s newly activated Christ Consciousness Grid and the crystal energy fields. Other New Earth Healing and Teaching Centers connecting through the Earth's Christ Consciousness Grid Lines have been envisioned by world spiritual leaders and will follow in the near future.


The New Earth Healing and Teaching Centers will continue to expand the healing energies through the Crystal Beds, Healing Spirit Doctors and the earth’s Angels, Ancestor Guides and Ascended Masters to help bring spiritual healings and the Awakened Heart spiritual teachings and healings to all people around the earth.

We welcome you as you journey on your life path to ascension, as together we make the earth a better place for all. The time of The New Earth change is here.

Please come forth and assist us in manifesting the vision of these peaceful, loving, nurturing and blessed spiritual healing and teaching centers open to help all people.

Blessings and Unconditional Love to All,

Picture taken at Reverend Scott’s sound healing session. Many Healing Spirits are present.

“I have found that the greatest degree of inner tranquility comes from the development of love and compassion.”
His Holiness
The Dalai Lama

“A one word solution to all the problems the world is facing is compassion.”
Sri Mata Amritanandamayi

“Be the change
that you wish
to see
in the world.”
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi


“Miracles come in moments.
Be ready
and willing.”

"They put Divine Love into me."
Dr. Wayne Dyer

“A new commandment I give to you, that
you love one another: just as I have loved you,
you also are to love one another.”
The energy of the sacred heart of Jesus heals through the Casa de Dom Inacio, John of God, and the
Crystal Light Healing Beds.

“Go out into the world today and love the people you meet.
Let your presence light new light in the hearts of people.”
Mother Teresa

“The future starts today…”
Pope John Paul II

“Where there is great love,
there are always miracles.”
Willa Cather

“It always seems impossible until
it’s done.”
Nelson Mandela